A white camel was born in the Cologne Zoo

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, German zoos (and not only zoos) are now closed to visitors, but life there is going on, and photos of them continue to appear in news agency feeds. This photo was taken in Cologne, where such an unusual two-humped camel with light wool, or rather a white camel, was born. According to the zoo, the next day she fully settled in the enclosure under the supervision of caring mother Charlotte.

How long will the measures aimed at combating the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus last until no one knows. When zoos in Germany (and not only zoos) are reopened, she will be very surprised by strange creatures (people) who came to see her. In the meantime, the newborn will only see the local staff.

The photo and video, by the way, was taken not by the agency correspondent, but by the official photographer of the zoo – 64-year-old Werner Scheurer. As the city newspaper Express reported some time ago, he worked as a postman for more than forty years, but due to problems with his knees he retired early, after which he devoted himself to his favorite hobby – photographing animals, especially babies.