A woman in Italy has lost her memory and considers herself Julia Roberts

Doctors of the psychiatric department of the hospital in the Italian city of Pavia hospitalized a woman who lost her memory, considered herself American actress Julia Roberts. This is reported on Saturday, September 26, la Provincia di Pavia.

The woman was hospitalized under the influence of alcohol in early July in the town of Vijevano. She was noticed at the local railway station by policemen, and the woman was harassing passers-by.

At first, law enforcement officers tried to calm the woman down, but then brought her to the doctors. There she was given the initials N.N., because the unknown person could not identify herself. After discharge, the patient, who looked 40-45 years old, did not leave the hospital and began living in the waiting room, eating food from automatic rifles.

In early September, an unidentified person claiming to be Julia Roberts was placed in the psychiatric ward of the Pavia Hospital.