About 10,000 people went out to protest on the streets of Portland

Between 7,000 and 10,000 people participate in a protest on the streets of Portland, Oregon. This was reported by CNN on Wednesday, June 23, citing the official representative of the city police, Michael Roberts.

The protesters were divided into two main groups. They are rallying in different parts of the city. Protests of the first group, Roberts said, are peaceful, and the guards of order did not have to detain anyone.

But the second crowd has been less calm. According to the local police department on Twitter, some of the protesters at 4th Street and Taylor Street were throwing objects at the law enforcement guards. Law enforcement officials note that they have already made several arrests, as the meeting was deemed illegal after the clashes.

“This is an illegal meeting, and we continue to advise the crowd to leave the city centre. <...> We’ve already made several arrests and will continue to do so,” the Portland police report said.

On the eve, Oregon Governor Kate Brown refused to ask Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to mobilize the National Guard in the city to stem the wave of protests. The official added that she would send 100 unarmed National Guard officers and 50 National Guard officers from the city to help local law enforcement officials apprehend the intruders.

Brown stressed that people are allowed to safely and quietly continue their calls for reform.