About 130 people left the ship in Japan after being tested for COVID-19

Approximately 130 crew members of the Costa Atlantica cruise liner, which stands at the port of Nagasaki, Japan, were able to get off the shore after tests showed a negative reaction to COVID-19.

It is noted that among the ship’s disembarkation 125 people are citizens of the Philippines, the citizenship of the other disembarkation crew members is currently unknown, writes agency Kyodo.

April 22 it became known about an outbreak of coronavirus among the crew of the Italian cruise ship Costa Atlantica in the Japanese port of Nagasaki. Later the same day, the Russian Embassy in Tokyo reported that among the infected coronavirus crew members is a Russian.

The vessel entered the Japanese port on March 25 for prevention and repair at the Koyagi dock of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard. The liner was to leave the port at the end of April, but one of the crew members was found to have coronavirus.

Earlier, another Diamond Princess cruise liner was quarantined off the coast of Japan at Yokohama port. More than 700 cases of coronavirus infection were detected on board the ship and 13 deaths were recorded.