About 300 migrants occupied a former kindergarten in Paris

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Approximately 300 migrants occupied a vacant kindergarten building in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, demanding shelter from the cold, reports the January 24 edition of the Figaro.

It is noted that many of the protesters previously set up a tent camp on the square of the Republic in the capital city, then they were kicked out by French law enforcers, dismantling the structures.

Now, after the migrants barricaded themselves in a school, the Parisian authorities allocated two gymnasiums for them, because the educational institution “is not heated, not safe.

“The fact remains that the placement of refugees is a state competence, and therefore its services must take over and offer long-term solutions for these people,” said the deputy mayor of Paris for migration and emergency accommodation, Jan Brossat.

On January 14, protests in Brussels against police brutality turned into riots. The reason for the demonstration was the death of a detained 23-year-old migrant named Ibrahim.