About 60% of Ukrainians said they do not trust President Zelensky

Nearly 60% of Ukrainians do not trust Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. About 40% of respondents expressed confidence in the politician. This is evidenced by the survey of the Ukrainian sociological group “Rating” on February 10.

“The rating of trust in politicians is headed by Vladimir Zelensky, who is trusted by 38% of respondents, not trusted – 58%,” the study says.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmagal was trusted by 12% of respondents, about a third of respondents (30%) have not heard of him, 54% do not trust the politician. Head of the Interior Ministry Arsen Avakov is trusted by 21%, 66% do not trust him and 7% do not know him.

Leader of the party “Batkivschyna” Yulia Timashenko is not trusted by more than 70% of respondents.

On February 1, the Social Monitoring Center released the data of the poll, according to which 40% of Ukrainians believe that Vladimir Zelensky is completely dependent on international partners in his decisions.

42.2% of the respondents think that the Ukrainian leader is fully dependent on other countries or international organizations for his decisions, 7.2% think he is fully independent and 43% think he is somewhat dependent or not.

More than a half of the respondents (57.5%) evaluated such influence as harmful, 2.2% found it useful, 34.4% found it evenly useful or harmful, and 5.9% found it difficult to answer.