About 80 Americans trapped in Afghanistan without evacuation flights

About 80 Americans can’t leave Afghanistan because the Taliban (an organization under U.N. sanctions for terrorist activities) have been preventing evacuation flights for a month. This became known on Tuesday, January 11.

At the moment there is no information about the resumption of flights. Qatar is in discussions with the Taliban about resuming flights, but the issue has not yet been resolved, CNN reported, citing sources.

For example, one of these sources said that the Taliban require passengers to have visas to enter the destination country. Another source said the Taliban are demanding seats on flights for members of the movement who want to leave the country so they can send remittances to their families.

On January 11, Emily Horn, spokeswoman for the U.S. National Security Council, announced that the United States would provide an additional package of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan that would exceed $308 million. The United States would deliver humanitarian aid directly through “independent humanitarian organizations,” the White House stressed.

U.S. President Joe Biden noted that the recognition by the world community of the Taliban as the government of Afghanistan cannot be unconditional and must necessarily be coordinated.