About 80 people detained at rallies in Berlin

About 80 people have been detained during unsanctioned rallies in Berlin, organized by opponents of the coronavirus restrictions. The Berliner-zeitung newspaper has reported on Saturday, 28 August, citing a Berlin police spokesman.

“According to spokeswoman Anja Dirschke, there were clashes in which police officers were injured. So far the remainder: 80 protesters have been detained and four injured police officers,” the newspaper said in a story.

According to the newspaper, several thousand people took part in the unsanctioned actions in the German capital. The newspaper notes that a large number of protesters tried to break into the government district during the rallies. The police managed to repel the onslaught, using special means.

“In the area of the Lessing Bridge, a very large group of people tried to break through our roadblocks to protect the government area. Our emergency services repelled the attempt, which resulted in significant resistance, in part by means of coercive means,” Berlin police reported on their official Twitter account.

The publication notes that there are about 2 thousand law enforcement officers on duty in the city. At the same time, emergency services from other federal states were summoned.

August 10, in Vilnius, Lithuania, there were protests by covid-dissidents. During the protests, the protesters prevented Lithuanian MPs from leaving the government building of the Seimas, and law enforcement officers used tear gas to disperse the protesters.