According to Zelensky, many American heroes had Ukrainian origins

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President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky congratulated the U.S. on Veterans’ Day on November 11 and spoke about common victories of Ukrainians and Americans around the world.

According to Zelensky, many American heroes had Ukrainian roots.

“In partnership with our friends and allies, the Ukrainian people won victories all over the world. Today is the day of tribute and respect to the warriors of our strategic partner and ally – the United States,” the President said in a statement on his Facebook page.

Thus, Zelenskyi remembered American Sergeant Michael Strank, who during World War II was a participant in setting the U.S. flag on the sands of Iwo Jima. In the president’s opinion, the military was Ukrainian. Although he has Slovak roots in one version, the British Wikipedia calls him a ‘Russin’.

Zelensky also told about other U.S. military personnel he considered to be related to Ukraine.

“These are legendary Ukrainian-American warriors: Nicholas Minho, John Dutko and Nicholas Oresco are living testimonies to American values,” he said.

The president concluded his address with the statement that Ukrainian-American veterans preserve Ukrainian culture and the fighting spirit of Cossacks.

In October, former SSU head Igor Smeshko said that the territory of today’s Ukraine had been a metropolis since ancient times, and all other lands of Russia adjoined it. At the same time, it was the Ukrainians who allegedly brought European culture to Russia.