Action in support of the detained nurse started in Paris

In Paris on Wednesday, June 17, there is an action in support of a nurse, who was detained the day before during a large-scale rally of medical workers at the police commissariat of the VII district of the French capital.

The event is attended by about 150 people. People keep coming to the rally.

On Tuesday, many thousands of medical workers protested in Paris, resulting in riots provoked by ultra-left movements. As a result, over 30 people were detained. In the local social networks, there was a video, which showed police officers rudely pouncing on a protester dressed in a white gown and forcefully holding her, pushing and dragging her by her hair. The woman was subsequently placed in detention.

It later became known that a 50-year-old woman’s name is Farida and she works as a nurse at a hospital in the capital region.

Speaking at the rallies, the nurse’s daughter said that her mother had been released. “I think that, thanks largely to the demonstrations and the attention shown, my mother was released half an hour before the time allowed for her detention ended. Mom’s devastated, she’s in shock. We gave her the opportunity to go home,” she said.

According to the girl, her mother is accused that during the protest she “threw three stones and showed an obscene gesture twice. It noted that such behaviour could be punished, but stressed that there was no excuse for the way the police treated a woman in detention.

The day before it was reported that the demonstration of medical personnel in Paris has turned into pogroms, reports the TV channel “Star. The order guards used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators, reports “Federal News Agency. Nineteen law enforcement officers were injured in the riots.