Activists demolished the statue of Napoleon’s first wife Josephine Bogarne in Martinique

On July 27, anti-racism activists demolished the monuments of Napoleon Bonaparte’s first wife Josephine Bogarne and the founder of the French colony on the island of Martinique, Pierre Belém d’Esnambück.

“The Prefecture of Martinique condemns these actions, which are an unacceptable act of violence on the part of the minority,” the newspaper Le Figaro quotes Martinique Prefect Stanislas Cazel as saying.

Napoleon, according to the website “The Local France”, reintroduced slavery in French colonies in 1802, eight years after it was banned during the French Revolution.

In turn, Pierre Belém d’Esnambück is a merchant who founded the first French colony on Martinique in 1635.

Journalists reported that the activists warned that the statues would be demolished if officials did not remove them before Sunday.

It is noted that the statue of Josephine had already been decapitated almost 30 years ago and no one has repaired it since.