Actor Elliot Page’s first public appearance since his “gender change”

The actor and producer was spotted by photographers walking his dog, the star’s first appearance since declaring himself transgender

No big deal. In a men’s flannel shirt, black hooded sweatshirt, worn jeans, and heavy boots on a walk with his new friend, a snow-white puppy. For almost six months Elliot managed to lead a fairly private life and never once get caught in the lenses of the cameras. And now, a new phase begins.
Actor Elliot Page
Three months after her divorce from her wife, professional dancer Emma Portner, Page is officially coming out – and something tells us that amid the fight for transgender rights, there will be many similar and more official outings.

Recall that on December 1, 2020, actress Ellen Page, known for her roles in the “X-Men” franchise, the “Umbrella Academy” series, and the cult film “Juno,” announced that she associates herself with the male gender and asked to be called Elliot.