Actor Gabriel Byrne talks about the relevance of the “War of the Worlds” series

Actor Gabriel Byrne, who led the cast in the second season of “War of the Worlds,” talked about working on the series and its relevance to the modern world.

The action of the new adaptation is set in modern Europe, but the spirit of the original did not suffer, I am sure Byrne. Moreover, the realities of everyday life give a new dimension to the ideas laid down in the novel.

According to the actor, the economy today is the locomotive that drives society, which, among other things, has become the key to glaring social inequality.

For example, he cited the United States, the richest country globally, where a quarter of children go to bed hungry while there are people with a billion-dollar fortune.

“Someone said that the great tragedy of the twentieth century was the victory of capitalism–and, by extension, the defeat of socialism. Wells, in addition to aliens and everything else, touched on economics and imperialism and colonialism. Now there is a new form of colonialism. Unlike the soldier with the bayonet, this enemy is invisible. Globalization has exacerbated the inequalities between countries. This is the reality,” he said Monday, May 24.

Byrne noted that a possible reason for the defeat of communism was that human nature “is not perfect.”

The second season of the series will premiere on FOX on Tuesday. The creator of the new adaptation of the novel by Herbert Wells is Howard Overman. The characters face a tense struggle to reclaim the planet after an extraterrestrial invasion and realize that the invaders may be human.