Actor Sacha Baron Cohen played at the Trump supporters’ rally

Hollywood comedian Sacha Baron Cohen tricked the supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump and spoke at a rally of ultra-right conservatives in Washington, DC, reports Variety.

The event was held on June 28 in the city of Olympia under the slogan “March for Our Rights 3,” and was attended by about 500 people. In turn, Cohen dressed up as a provincial farmer and volunteered for the stage, where he sang a non-political correct song.

In particular, he urged the Liberals, ex-President Barack Obama and all those who advocate wearing protective masks to be injected with the “Wuhan flu”. In addition, he sang about the need to cut World Health Organization members “as the Saudis do”.

“Dressed like a hillbilly, Sasha Baron Cohen broke into a rally held by The Washington State Three Percenters’ right wing militia group and climbed up on stage. I’m crying with laughter,” wrote basketball player Rex Chapman, who published the video.

Previously, the actor has recorded a funny video about Trump and announced a film about the American leader.

Sasha Baron Cohen is known for his comedy images of a Kazakh reporter in the movie “Borat”, an eccentric rapper Ali G, a gay TV presenter Bruno, as well as the ruler of an African country in the film “Dictator”.