Actor Sean Connery Died on October 31

British actor Sean Connery died at the age of 90, the BBC reports with reference to his family. According to Independent, the actor died in a dream in his home in the Bahamas. The publication writes that Sean Connery “for a long time” had health problems, the cause of his death is not specified. The date of the funeral is still unknown.

He is an Oscar winner (for his role as a supporter in Untouchables), was also awarded the BAFTA prize twice and received the Golden Globe three times. In 1991, he was awarded the French Legion of Honor. In 2000, he received the title of “sir” and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II.

In 2003, Sean Connery announced the end of his career and moved with his wife to the Bahamas. The actor was a member of the Scottish National Party and played for the country’s withdrawal from Britain. He said that he would return to Scotland, if it gained independence. In a column for the New Statesman magazine in 2014, the actor wrote that withdrawal from Britain will give Scotland a “chance for change. In September of the same year, a referendum on the independence of Scotland was held, 55.3% of those who voted against it.

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