Adidas will apply mushroom skin to its products

More recently it became known that such famous companies as Adidas and Lululemon will cooperate with a company called Bolt Threads. Brands are ready to invest large sums of money to bring this product to the world level.

The chief director of Bolt Threads company noted that the fashion is very polluting for our environment. He suggested other ways to solve the problem. By growing our material there is hope to save the environment.

However, the General Director noted that such actions are very outdated. Mushrooms are used to create new unusual material. Their rhizomes are grown on a special layer made of sawdust. The growth is observed in about 10 days.

The resulting rhizomes are tanned, then painted in the right color and given to finishing (next stage). The representatives of Bolt Threads company assure that this method is very fast and environmentally friendly in comparison with others. For example, it will take much more time and effort to create a material from animals, as the cattle must first be grown.

Specialists also note that the material made of mushrooms looks very natural, while very flexible and warm. The company hopes that in the near future this material will be used more often and the ecology of our country will become much cleaner.