Afghan women demanded to be allowed to run the country

Women in Kabul have once again held a protest in the center of the Afghan capital. This was reported by the TV channel Al Jazeera on September 8.

The protesters demanded from the new authorities to allow women to be in the government of Afghanistan.

“The cabinet is not complete without the participation of women in its work. No government can exclude women,” the protesters said. Women’s rights should not be neglected, they said.

The demonstrators also carried posters with the portrait of Negar Masumi, who was killed eight months pregnant by a prison officer in Ghor province. At the same time, a representative of the radical Taliban movement, banned in Russia, denied the involvement of members of the movement in the death of Masumi.

The day before in Kabul there was a demonstration at the Embassy of Pakistan against the interference of this country into the affairs of Afghanistan. Hundreds of men and women took part in the demonstration.