African American face removed from Uncle Ben’s Rice Logo

The American company Mars has decided to change the trademark of steamed rice Uncle Ben’s to Ben’s Original, and the new logo will not have an African American face. This is stated in a message published on September 23 on the company’s website.

“Mars Food today announced that it will replace Uncle Ben’s with Ben’s Original, signaling its ambitions to build a more inclusive future while remaining committed to producing the world’s best rice,” the report said.

On July 3, it became known that the social network Twitter removed the words “slave”, “master”, “black list”, “white list” and a number of other words from program codes because of possible associations with racist terminology.

And in Brussels and Berlin, the authorities intend to rename the streets and subway station named after the colonizers.

Clearing television shows, feature films, social networks and media publications of any hint of racial prejudice has become one of the main topics for the cultural industry against the backdrop of protests that began in the United States over the death of black George Floyd after his brutal arrest by police in Minneapolis on May 25.

After Floyd’s death and the beginning of the protest movement Black Lives Matter, many brands said they intended to change the images associated with ethnic stereotypes on the packaging of their products. Mars said it is changing the Uncle Ben’s logo. Quaker Oats (owned by PepsiCo) will remove Aunt Jemima’s image from the syrup packages. Logo changes have also been announced by B&G Foods’ Cream Of Wheat quick-soluble porridge, where a dark-skinned chef appears on the porridge packs.