Aircraft with Iraqi migrants flew from Belarus to Baghdad

A flight with 431 Iraqis on board left Minsk for Baghdad. This was reported on November 18, according to the online board of Minsk airport.

The plane should land in Erbil, Iraq, first in Baghdad airport. Return home is free for migrants wishing to return from Iraq.

The plane of the airline company Iraqi Airways, which will take all migrants who want to return to Iraq to leave Belarus, landed at the airport of Minsk earlier on Thursday. The day before the Iraqi consul in Russia, Majid al-Kilani, had announced that the first flight to remove Iraqi refugees would take place on November 18. According to him, about 300 people have expressed a desire to return to their homeland.

Earlier this day, the Polish Defense Ministry reported that large groups of migrants on the Belarusian side of the border continue to try to enter the country illegally. According to the Polish Border Guard, November 17, there were 501 attempts of illegal crossing of the Polish-Belarusian border.

On the same day, some of the migrants from the Middle East were accommodated in the transport and logistics center “Bruzgi,” located near the border with Poland. All in all, about 40% of the logistics center was vacated to accommodate the migrants, and the cargo was moved to a distant warehouse.

On November 16th the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iraq announced that it had registered 170 applications from citizens wishing to return to their homeland, who were staying at the border between Belarus and Poland. The agency’s spokesman Ahmad al-Sahhaf noted that diplomats were coordinating with the management of Minsk airport to carry out an outbound flight.