Airline steward reveals five secrets of his profession

A flight attendant nicknamed tommycimato on TikTok revealed the secrets of his profession that ordinary passengers do not know.

According to him, he and his colleagues monitor the behavior of aircraft passengers to spot suspicious activities in time. In addition, flight attendants may work 16 hours because of the flights that follow one another.

In addition, flight attendants may work long hours for an airline and meet new colleagues on the plane each time – the crew composition is usually made known before the flight.

In addition, flight attendants often live in hotels rather than in their homes, where they return only for the weekend, writes NNS. The blogger also admitted that every flight attendant has emergency and self-defense skills, because they have to be ready for any situation that occurs on board.

In October 2020, a former steward of the British low-cost carrier easyJet named Matt named the most unpleasant habits of air passengers. In particular, he criticized travelers who bring their own hand luggage with them and then take a long time to place it on the top shelves.