Airliner knocked down a man on the runway of the Texas airport

A Southwest Airlines plane was shot to death by a man strolling along the runway at Austin Bergstrom Airport in Texas. This was reported Friday, May 8, by CBS News.

It is noted that the deceased had no documents on him and was not wearing an airport uniform. The man was also not wearing a special vest, which everyone in the immediate vicinity of the runway must wear.

This, as specified, did not allow the Boeing 737 pilot to see the man on time.

While landing, the aircraft commander tried to maneuver to avoid a collision with a person, but he was unable to do so because the aircraft was moving at high speed and there were 53 passengers in the cabin at that moment.

The body of the man was found at the runway without any signs of life. After the incident, the runway was closed to receive aircraft.

In March, it was reported that in Washington, D.C., a Frontier Airlines passenger opened the lifeline after landing and got off the plane.