Akademik Cherskiy changed the owner, possible U.S. sanctions are now considered non-hazardous

The vessel Akademik Chersky that can complete the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline now belongs to the Samara Heat and Power Property Fund. This was reported by RBC co with reference to the extract from the international register of ships on Monday, June 1.

As of March 31, the fund belonged to the “Gazprom” group. Its founders are “Gazprom Teploenergo” and “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Samara,” which, in turn, are part of “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz.

The authorized capital of the fund is 123 million rubles. Its main activity is real estate leasing and management.

As Anton Imennov, managing partner of the Moscow office of Pen&Paper Bar Association, explained to the publication, if the owner of the ship was made by the fund, it means that possible U.S. sanctions against this very legal entity are considered not dangerous. It also means that ” Akademik Cherskiy” itself may fall under the sanctions. At the same time, a source in Gazprom said that “the sanctions risks in connection with the work of the ship have been leveled.

“Gazprom acquired Akademik Chersky in 2015. The vessel was in the operational management of “Gazprom Fleet” since 2016, and information about it was on the company’s website at least until February 2020.