Albert II Prince of Monaco has been cured of the coronavirus

Albert II Prince of Monaco was cured of a coronavirus infection and escaped quarantine. This was reported on Tuesday¬† March, 31 on the Palace Office’s Facebook page.

“The doctors who have accompanied <…> Prince Albert II of Monaco since the discovery of COVID-19 have today allowed him to end his stay in quarantine. The Prince has recovered and is feeling well,” the statement said.

The message notes that Albert II will soon join his family and continue to maintain a regime of self-isolation.

The fact that the Prince of Monaco was infected with Coronavirus became known almost two weeks ago. Even then, doctors said that his condition was not a cause for concern and that they were closely monitoring his health.

Later, Albert II spoke about his first symptoms of COVID-19. He did not lose any sense of smell or taste, but only a slight runny nose and a slight fever.

On 23 March, Ana Maria Pastor Julian, former chairman of the Spanish Congress of Deputies, was cured of the coronavirus.

On 13 March, Justin Trudeau Sofia, the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Sofia, was diagnosed with coronavirus after returning from London, but her husband had no confirmation of this diagnosis.