Alec Baldwin’s wife complained of harassment

The wife of American actor Alec Baldwin, who accidentally shot the cameraman on the set of the film, complained about the harassment of reporters. She told about it on her Instagram page on November 2.

Hilaria Baldwin thanked the people who participated in the search for the family’s missing cat. However, she said she would not name them because she was afraid of subjecting them to harassment by reporters “in their frantic quest to make more money.”

“As I write this, people are taking pictures of me through the trees of the house where we are staying.<...> We were chased by cars when we were with the children. There were some scary moments…” – she wrote.

The fact that the family of actor Alec Baldwin has a missing pet became known the day before. Soon the missing cat named Emilio was found. It was noted that the pet, most likely, broke his paw.

On October 21 Alec Baldwin shot and wounded two people, director of photography Galina Hutchins and Joel Sousa, while filming a scene. Hutchins was seriously injured and was flown by helicopter to a local trauma center, where she died.

The actor has stated that he is cooperating with the investigation and is in deep shock over what happened.

As it became known, prior to the Baldwin incident, guns had “accidentally” been fired on the set twice before. The actor’s understudy accidentally fired two shots on Saturday, Oct. 16, after he was told that there was no ammunition in the gun.

In addition, it turned out that a half-dozen workers had left the set hours before the incident, protesting the working conditions and disregard for safety.

The deceased survived by her eight-year-old son Andros, named after her maiden name Andrusiewicz in homage to her Eastern European roots. Hutchins was a native of the Ukrainian SSR and grew up at a Soviet military base above the Arctic Circle. According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, she retained her citizenship despite working and living in the United States.