Alicia Silverstone complained that her 9-year-old son is being ridiculed because of his appearance

The actress told about what her child faces because of wearing long hair.

Alicia Silverstone is raising her 9-year-old son Bear. Recently in her Instagram she told that the boy is teased by his peers because of his long hair. At the same time, the boy is in no hurry to part with his luxurious hair and wants to grow longer hair. Alicia published several photos with Bear and wrote:

I just love his hair in these photos. At one time the guys were laughing at him when he went to the surf camp. When he came back he told me about it and I thought that he would want to cut his hair. We made an appointment with the hairdresser and when he came my son asked: “Cut my hair so that I could grow it to the waist. This is my boy!

Alicia noted that she does not support stereotypes about hair and her son looks the way he wants.

He knows who he is. He loves his hair and wants it to be long. Mom and dad are not going to dissuade him. He is beautiful and we like his hair too! We have never forced him to have any social ideas about what a boy or girl’s hair should look like. We have to accept our children and what they want to be without any judgment! In addition, many beautiful men wear long hair: Brad Pitt, Harry Stiles, Jason Momoah… Even Jesus!

– shared by Silverstone: Brad Pitt, Harry Stiles, Jason Momoah, even Jesus!

Alicia is on a strict vegan diet and so is her child. In one of her interviews, she told us how Bear feels about this diet:

I always feel funny when they say, ‘Oh, my poor little vegan baby is so weak. Because mine runs and jumps everywhere and is full of energy. But he also has concentration and peace of mind, so he does not go beyond. I don’t yell at him or try to build. All I am saying is: “No, Bear, thank you. And he understands. When children do not eat well, they do not feel well, then they behave badly.