Alligator attacked employee of Reptile Center in USA

Alligator attacked a female employee of the Reptile Center in the U.S. in front of children who were celebrating her birthday there. Video footage has been released by an eyewitness.

As can be seen in the footage, the reptile grabbed the hand of a woman working at the center and then dragged the employee by the hand under the water. The alligator then began twirling to bite her arm off. The injured employee did not scream and controlled her actions so that the animal would not cause more harm.

A center employee who arrived to help immobilized the alligator and the assaulted employee was released.

On July 20, it was reported that a female alligator nearly 2.5 meters long attacked a Florida resident in the United States while the man was on a bicycle ride. A helicopter arrived on the scene to evacuate the victim. The reptile was caught along with another alligator.

According to the alligator hunter John Davison, the victim was seriously injured because he scared the animal by falling on him because of an unfortunate maneuver on a sharp curve. As a result, he said, the terrified predator bit the cyclist “two or three times.”