Almost 20% of New Yorkers were found to have coronavirus antibodies

About 20% of New Yorkers have coronavirus antibodies. This was reported by John Bruno, Director of Public Information, New York State Department of Health, on Friday, July 17.

“According to recent seroprevalence studies conducted by the New York State Department of Health, about 20% of New Yorkers [city] have antibodies, but the rates vary from place to place,” Bruno said.

He said it is premature to discuss whether there is collective immunity, as the duration of antibodies in the body is still being studied.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo July 6 accused U.S. President Donald Trump of exacerbating the coronavirus with his statements.

The same day Trump said that in USA the mortality rate is “almost the lowest in the world” and the number of deaths has decreased by 10 times in comparison with the peak index in the country.