Almost 80% of Americans blamed China for the COVID-19 pandemic

Responsibility for the spread of coronavirus around the world lies with the Chinese government due to its actions to contain the virus in Wuhan. This is the opinion of 78% of Americans surveyed, according to a survey by Pew Research Center.

According to the study published on July 31, 51% of U.S. citizens believe that Beijing’s initial actions to combat coronavirus in Wuhan have contributed greatly to the global spread of the infection. Republicans are the most critical on this issue: 73% said China’s measures against COVID-19 were insufficient.

Speaking about how China coped with the coronavirus outbreak, 64% rated the country’s actions as badly executed.

50% of respondents believe that Washington should hold Beijing responsible for the spread of the infection.

“Belief that Chairman Xi Jinping is doing the right thing in world affairs has also deteriorated: 77% do not trust him or do not trust him, which is 6 percentage points more than in March and 27 points more than last year,” sociologists said.

In early July, U.S. President Donald Trump has notified Congress of the country’s official withdrawal from the World Health Organization. The head of the White House announced on May 29 that the U.S. would terminate all relations with the WHO. Speaking at the White House, the U.S. leader explained this by the fact that the organization “refused to carry out the required reforms.