American actor Jerry Stiller died

American actor Jerry Stiller died at the age of 93. His son, actor Ben Stiller, reported it.

“I am sad to report that my father Jerry Stiller passed away,” he wrote on Twitter, without specifying the specific cause of death.

“The beautiful father and grandfather, Anna’s best husband for about 62 years. He will be very much missed. I love you, Daddy,” the tweet says.

Jerry Stealer was born in 1927 in Brooklyn. He spent most of his life working in a comic duet with his wife Anna Mira. They met in the 1950s and were together until Mira died in 2015. His most famous role was Frank Constanza in “Seinfeld”. He also wrote a book of memoirs “Married to laugh: a love story with Anna Mira. His children Ben and Emmy Stiller also became famous comic actors.