American astronomers opened a new “pi-planet”

Space researchers from the American university discovered a new planet orbiting around a star at a relatively low speed, with one revolution taking 3.14 days. Hence the name “pi”, which resembles a mathematical constant π .

Telescope Kepler, aimed at detecting the planets orbiting around cold stars, discovered the object back in 2017. It was given the name K2-315b. The similarity with the planet Earth says its radius, it is 0.95 from our planet. So far, the mass of the planet has not yet been determined, but scientists say that it is very close to Earth.

Scientists have calculated that the time of rotation around his star is constant, K2-315b does it in 3.14 days. For this, the unofficial name “pi-planet” is given. As for its suitability for life, the planet is most likely unsuitable, because it is very close to its star and the surface temperature reaches 175 degrees Celsius. But it is not excluded the fact of the atmosphere.

“P-planet” is of particular interest to the scientific world. With a more thorough study of planets similar to terrestrial, will allow scientists to better understand the composition and properties of the atmosphere, as well as give an indication whether the birth of life on them is possible.