American Louisville introduced a curfew

A 72-hour curfew has been imposed in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, after protests and riots. This was reported by the city police department on Thursday, September 24.

“By order of the mayor, the curfew will take effect for the next 72 hours between 21:00 and 6:30,” law enforcement officials wrote on Twitter.

In this regard, the residents of the district were urged to plan their actions in accordance with the voiced circumstances. Curfew is introduced in Jefferson County, where Louisville is located.

Earlier that day it became known that two policemen were shot and wounded during the protests in Louisville.

Clashes between protesters and police began in the city after a court hearing on the death of African-American woman Brionne Taylor, who was shot dead in March by law enforcement during a special operation and became one of the symbols of the Black Lives Matter movement. The prosecutor indicted only one of the three suspects. Moreover, the policeman was not directly accused of Taylor’s death, but only of putting a number of people’s lives in danger during the operation by shooting.

US National Guard forces were used to disperse the demonstrators. Mayor Greg Fisher announced a curfew in Louisville. State police have announced the detention of a suspect in an attack on police custody.

On September 21, the Louisville Police Department went into emergency mode, pending the announcement of the results of the Taylor investigation.