American saved his dog from the alligator’s jaws

Richard Wilbanks, 74, a Florida resident in the United States, took a puppy out of the alligator’s mouth with his bare hands. The video was published in TikTok.

“Would you? We’re taking such a risk walking with our dog around any pond in Florida,” signed the video, which received almost 12 million hits.

In the footage, a man tries to find something at the bottom of the pond, and then gets out of there a medium size crocodile, in the mouth of which wriggles and whines white and red puppy. The man with great difficulty pulls the predator to the shore and unclenches the jaw of the reptile. The dog breaks free and runs away. This video ends.

Later, the woman who published the video wrote that the puppy is still alive.

The owner of the dog does not insist on evicting the alligator from the pond or killing it. He believes that the wildlife should coexist peacefully. According to the man, now he will walk the pet next to the pond only on a leash.