American scientists: Lunar orbit “fluctuations” will lead to a global flood in the 2030s

Fluctuations in lunar orbit and climate change have the potential to cause several devastating blows to the United States. Climate change has already affected the number and power of hurricanes and other natural disasters around the world. But there is another threat that may cause irreparable damage to the inhabitants of America. The scientists’ version is published by Nature Climate Change.

According to the information of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, for the year before last in the United States of America more than six hundred floods caused by climate change have been recorded. The latest study, initiated by NASA, says that such events will become much more common in North America in ten years. According to this scenario, the entire U.S. coast will have several times more flooding days each year for a decade.

Scientists also believe that such coastal flooding seasons will cause global disruption if experts do not start planning to prevent them immediately. One of the main causes of such flash floods will be an increase in the level of the world’s oceans. And to “help” it will come the Moon.

As is known, it is the Moon that influences the sea tides, but the force of its attraction is not the same. The Moon has some “oscillations” in its orbit, slightly changing its position relative to the planet every 18,6 years. Half of this period, the Moon weakens the sea tides, resulting in higher tides. NASA calculates that the second half of this period the tides increase.

Today we are in the second part of this cycle. The next cycle of rising tides begins in the mid-2030s, and by then global ocean levels will have risen enough to make these high tides particularly unpleasant, the researchers found.

The study’s authors emphasize that as scary as this prediction sounds, it is important to study it in detail to plan rescue operations or to develop plans to prevent worst-case scenarios.