American Senator compared the Black Lives Matter movement with terrorism

U.S. Senate member Rand Paul called the activists of the anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter terrorists. He made a statement to that effect Thursday, September 24, at a hearing before the Congressional Senate Committee on Internal Security and Government Affairs.

“Their goal is terrorism. They are making a confession to that. If you look at their dialogues on the internet and social networks, they say: their goal is to terrorize [U.S.] officials, and in reality, everyone,” TASS quoted him as saying.

To prove his point of view, the senator recalled that representatives of the movement sometimes attack ordinary passers-by and visitors, who do not belong to the officials at all.

He urged the congressmen to inform the corporate organizations.

“We should make sure that corporate America is aware of this. Corporate America provides millions of dollars to what it considers an anti-racism group. In reality, this group (i.e. BLM – Ed.) finances terror, finances terrorists who travel [across the United States] from city to city,” Paul emphasized.

A new wave of anti-racist protests in the United States began after the trial of African-American woman Brionna Taylor, who was shot dead in March by law enforcement during a special operation and became one of the symbols of the Black Lives Matter movement. The prosecutor indicted only one of the three suspects. Moreover, the policeman was not directly accused of Taylor’s death, but only of putting a number of people’s lives in danger during the operation by shooting.

US National Guard forces were used to disperse the demonstrators. Mayor Greg Fisher announced a curfew in Louisville. State police have announced the detention of a suspect in an attack on police custody.

On March 13, three policemen arrived at the apartment where they believed they were storing drugs. Inside were Brionne Taylor and her friend. The latter engaged in an exchange of fire with the law enforcement guards. During her, Taylor, who was sleeping at the time, was killed. This case attracted a lot of attention from the media and human rights organizations, and there were protests and riots in the city.