American Senator John Kennedy Compares Joe Biden to Lenin

The domestic policies of current U.S. President Joe Biden could lead to “hell” in the lives of Americans. This opinion was expressed by Senator John Kennedy on Thursday, April 22.

He added that the head of state disappointed him because the politician’s actions were allegedly based on hatred for his own country.

“I knew President Biden would be to the left of center, but I never imagined he would be to the left of Lenin. He needs to get his head together,” Kennedy said in an interview with Fox News.

According to the senator, many of Biden’s fellow lawmakers approve of the proposal to cut off police funding, which was put forward amid a series of incidents involving murders of African-Americans.

Kennedy stressed that law enforcement officers, who include black citizens, do not go to work with the goal of “hurting somebody.”

On April 17, a number of experts in the United States questioned Biden’s imposition of anti-Russian sanctions because of an alleged cyberattack through the firm SolarWinds software. According to experts, the actions could be called cyber espionage, not an attack.

The Wall Street Journal cited former and current U.S. government officials who noted that previous administrations have refrained from sanctions for political espionage because “the United States and its allies regularly engage in similar activity.

The week before, a Republican leader in the U.S. Senate Mitch McConnell sharply criticized U.S. leader Joe Biden’s intention to study possible Supreme Court reform. The lawmaker wrote that the U.S. leader’s plans were a “direct attack on independent courts” as well as evidence of left-wing influence on the U.S. administration.