American University found a link between black holes and racism

In a new course of astronomy, which presented Cornell University (United States), American scientists have tried to find a link between racism and black holes in space. This is reported by the New York Post.

The course “Black Holes – Race and Space” is based on the works of theorists, writers and artists (including black people) and aims to combat “common stereotypes. It is specifically about stereotypes about the role that race plays in astronomy.

“No one doubts that when we call a black hole a black hole, it has no connection with racial issues. After all, there can’t be any connection between race and the cosmos. Can’t it?” reads the description for the new astronomy course.

The authors of the science course, “Black Holes – Race and Space,” attempted to apply the concepts of “black hole” and “event horizon” to creative interpretations of race history. Musicians and artists supplemented the course with images of blackness using cosmological themes. The course has already drawn criticism from the expert community, some members of which saw it as another example of the so-called “racial hysteria” sweeping the U.S. university environment. “Cornell University’s new course may be doing more harm than good,” Americans wrote on social media.