American woman swallowed over 48 hot dogs in 10 minutes and broke the record

A new record for the annual women’s hot dog eating contest in New York was set by American Miki Sudo. The girl swallowed 48.5 in 10 minutes.

The competition, which is held every July 4 on U.S. Independence Day, was broadcast by ESPN TV channel.

The woman broke not only the record of the contest, but also her own – she ate 41 hot dogs in 2017. During last year’s competition, she was able to swallow only 31 of them. Since 2014, she has been the permanent winner of this competition.

The first competition for eating hot dogs for speed was held in 1916. Then the Irishman Jim Mullen ate 13 sausages in 12 minutes. After that, the contest is held annually. The only exception was during the Second World War.

This year the competition was held without many spectators and in a secret place because of the coronavirus pandemic.