Americans detained in Venezuela will be charged with terrorism

United States citizens detained along with the other suspects in an attempted illegal infiltration into Venezuela would be charged in a terrorism case. This was reported on Friday, May 8, by the Attorney General of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab.

According to him, the detained U.S. citizens will be charged with terrorism, illegal arms smuggling, conspiracy and organization of illegal community. This is stated on the Twitter page of Canal8.

Earlier Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump again denied involvement in the events in Venezuela. If the United States had planned the operation against Venezuela, it would not have concealed its conduct, he stressed. The head of the White House added that he would send an army to the country, not a few people.

May 3, Venezuelan Interior Minister Nestor Reverol reported on the prevention of maritime invasion by Colombian militants in the north of the country. The militants have tried to enter Venezuelan territory by fast boats, he said.

As a result of repulsing the attack, eight attackers were killed, several people were detained. After that, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that among the detained participants in the invasion were two Americans, who are members of Trump’s personal security.

As Trump said then, the U.S. authorities have nothing to do with the situation regarding the infiltration of mercenaries into Venezuela.

May 6, Maduro said that Caracas would ask the UN Security Council to assess the attempt of mercenaries to enter the country.