Amidst Biden’s statements, Americans began to buy weapons

U.S. President Joe Biden thoroughly decided to fight a problem which since the 1930s has been one of the main issues for the American leadership – he is actively fighting against the proliferation and purchase of weapons in the United States.

However, due to rumors circulating in the United States that soon the sale of weapons in the country may be restricted, Americans began to buy weapons en masse from store shelves. It is reported that people in the United States are buying everything from rifles to pistols.

It is noted that gun sellers are confident in their future and completely ignore the American leader’s calls for gun proliferation.

“Here’s a look. This is a gun frame. I printed it yesterday on a 3D printer. Anyone can download the layout, press a button, and there’s your gun ready,” one of the salesmen at the gun store, Dimitri Karras, says on the air.

Reform has been elusive for some 80 years. The most desperate attempt to roll back the mountains was made by former U.S. President Barack Obama. The Supreme Court is hearing a case on gun rights for self-defense.

On average, statistics show that about 700 people a day die in shootings in the United States. Psychologists predict that number will increase in 2021 due to the economic crisis the country is plunging into amid a coronavirus pandemic.

President Joe Biden said in an April 29 speech that the use of firearms for violent purposes has become a real epidemic for the United States. He noted that it is “also time for the U.S. Congress to act.

The president and his administration are going to fight the proliferation of homemade weapons, the components for which can be purchased on the Internet.

In late March, Biden said that in light of the tragedy in the city of Boulder (Colorado), the U.S. administration will seek a ban on the purchase and sale of assault weapons in the country. The shooting, which opened in that city, killed 10 people.

In August 2019, former U.S. President Donald Trump proposed stricter background checks for gun purchases after the country was rocked by three shooting incidents that left people dead and injured.

The right to purchase and bear arms is guaranteed to Americans by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.