Ammonia leak occurred at Karavela in Riga

Last Sunday, ammonia leaked at the Karavela fish processing plant in Riga. This information was confirmed to LETA by Karavela’s co-owner and board member Andris Bite.

The leak occurred during the scheduled repair work. About 50 kg of ammonia gas was released into the air.

“The company’s employees were promptly evacuated and rescue services were called in, which eliminated the leak,” Janus news portal reports.

The reasons for the leak are being investigated.

According to Bite, the amount of ammonia that has entered the environment is not dangerous for people.

Karavela is located on Atlantijas Street in the capital of Latvia. The night before, the State Fire and Rescue Service of Latvia received a report about ammonia leak in the production area from a refrigeration plant at this address.

There were 17 firefighters working at the site of the emergency, who eliminated the leak. It is noted that the possibility of evacuating the residents of the surrounding area was considered.