Amy Coney Barrett takes over as a judge of the U.S. Supreme Court

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The White House held a swearing-in ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett as a member of the Supreme Court, ABC News reported.

Earlier Monday, the U.S. Senate, in which the majority is Republican, approved her candidacy. Fifty-two senators voted in favor and 48 against.

The gala event was held on the South Lawn near the residence of the American leader.

“It is quite appropriate that Judge Barrett takes the place of a true pioneer among women – Judge Ruth Bader Ginzburg. Today, Judge Barrett becomes not only the fifth woman to work in the highest court of our country, but also the first member to have children of school age. This is very important,” said U.S. President Donald Trump at the ceremony.

Thus, six conservative and three liberal judges will now sit in the U.S. Supreme Court. As the TV channel notes, “this is the most conservative court in the last 100 years”.

Barrett, 48, became the youngest member of the Supreme Court, and the only one who has not graduated from the Ivy League. She holds conservative views, opposes abortion and criticizes Obamacare health care reform.

A lifetime federal judge, she is appointed on the recommendation of the head of state, so the appointment of judges is one of the most important parts of the presidential legacy. The Supreme Court is composed of nine members.