An explosion occurred in an apartment building in Gothenburg, Sweden

More than 20 people have been hospitalized after an explosion at an apartment building in Gothenburg, Sweden. It happened on Tuesday, September 28th, Expressen newspaper reported.

The explosion occurred early this morning. Around 05:00 local time, an alarm was raised about a fire in one of the apartments in the apartment building in the Annedal district in the center of the city.

“In parallel, we are in the process of evacuating the apartments and extinguishing the fires. There was a fire in several locations,” emergency response manager John Pyle clarified.

About 25 people were injured in the explosion, according to emergency services officer Tony Stromberg. Twenty-four residents have now been taken to the hospital, including six by ambulance. Three women between the ages of 60 and 80 were seriously injured.

The number of injuries is expected to rise further.

About 15 emergency services units and 12 ambulances are on the scene.

Earlier, September 2, there was an explosion at an apartment building in the Rohrbach district in the Bavarian state in southeastern Germany. It was noted that at least two people were injured and two were reported missing.