An eyewitness caught more than a dozen criminals escaping from prison in Washington

Fourteen criminals escaped from Yakima County prison by jumping the prison fence and an eyewitness filmed it.

On Monday 23 March, around 7:00 p.m., 14 prisoners escaped from prison in the city of Yakima,” according to This was reported by the Sheriff’s Office of Yakima District in social networks. Police soon managed to detain eight prisoners, but six are still at large.

“The prisoners managed to escape by breaking into the outer fire door from inside using a table.” – written by a representative of the sheriff’s office. The incident was videotaped by an eyewitness Alex Gonzalez, whom he shared on social networks. The video shows the criminals jumping the prison fence around the perimeter of the prison.

The escaped convicts are: Tyrone Adam Malvani, 34 years old; Andrew Derrick Wolf, 26 years old; Neftali Serrano, 27 years old; Fernando Gustavo Casteneda-Sandoval, 31 years old; Hugo Alejandro Amesqua-Hernández, 28 years old; and Miguel Angel Chavez-Amesqua, 27.

One of them is easily identified by the tattoo of a marijuana leaf on his face. According to the police, the prisoners wore dark green shirts and black trousers – but the video footage shows them wearing white sweatshirts. The police also report that some fugitives may be barefoot or wearing orange sandals. Some of the escapees have been convicted of drug trafficking and possession, illegal possession of firearms, assault of medium gravity and violation of a protection order.

The police urge anyone with information on the whereabouts of the six prisoners to contact the Yakima Sheriff’s Office or press 0 when calling 911.