An oil slick was discovered near the Indonesian Navy submarine’s disappearance

An oil slick was discovered near the place where the Indonesian Navy submarine was before its disappearance. It was discovered on April 21 by Reuters citing the Indonesian Defense Ministry.

It is noted that two Navy ships with sonar sensors were sent to the area where the submarine had disappeared.

Earlier today, it was reported that the Indonesian Navy submarine stopped communicating during training exercises held near the island of Bali.

It is noted that there are 53 people aboard the missing submarine, currently searching for the vessel.

The submarine KRI Nanggala 402, which was produced in Germany in 1981, conducted training launches of torpedoes in Bali waters, but did not report the results of the exercise. According to the latest reports, she disappeared about 60 miles north of the island.

It is also indicated that Indonesian authorities have requested assistance from Singapore and Australia to search for the vehicle.