An unknown man attacked a police officer with a knife in France

An unknown man in the French town of La Chapelle-Sur-Erdre attacked a police officer with a knife. This was reported on Friday, May 28, by the newspaper Ouest-France.

According to its information, a man walked into the office of the municipal police on the morning of May 28 and attacked a 40-year-old law enforcement officer, stabbing her several times.

It is noted that the woman was seriously injured. The victim was taken to the emergency room of the hospital.

After the attack, the man fled, taking the officer’s service weapon. At the moment there is a large-scale operation to find the perpetrator, involving helicopters.

On April 23, also in France, an unknown man attacked a police officer. A man attacked and stabbed a woman inside a police commissariat, stabbing her to death a short time later. The assailant was wounded by law enforcement officers while attempting to apprehend her and later died.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex, who arrived on the scene, called the attack a new terrorist attack. He also reiterated the French government’s determination to fight against all forms of terrorism.