Ana de Armas has a new boyfriend

After breaking up with Ben Affleck, the 33-year-old ” Knives Out” star began dating Tinder vice president Paul Boukadakis. This was reported by Page Six, citing several sources. It is noted that Ana de Armas’ new romance is several months old, but the actress is skillfully hiding it. Because of the ubiquitous paparazzi, her relationship with Affleck was public.

“Paul and Ana met through mutual friends. He lives in Austin, Texas, but often comes to Santa Monica, California. They spent a lot of time together before Ana flew out of the U.S. to shoot her new movie,” the source said. He added that things are going great for the couple and the businessman has already introduced Armas to his family.

In January, the Cuban actress broke up with Ben Affleck, whom she met for almost a year at that time. The stars met on the set of the movie “Deep Water,” which is set to hit the big screens at the end of the summer. Ben is now happy with Jennifer Lopez, to whom he was engaged 17 years ago. The “Bennifer” romance broke out with renewed vigor right after J.Lo broke off her engagement to Alex Rodriguez.