Analysts predicted a record rise in the value of Picasso’s painting

The value of the painting “Woman Sitting by the Window” by Pablo Picasso may significantly increase, making the artist the most expensive in history. This was reported by experts on Thursday, April 29.

Its current price is about $55 million, the current owner acquired it in 2013 for almost $40 million. The canvas was created on October 30, 1932, and depicts a young Marie-Thérèse Walter, whom Picasso met outside the Galeries Lafayette store in Paris in January 1927. She later became the artist’s model and companion and remained so for five years.

According to the dealers, investments in paintings by Picasso are extremely reliable, because the paintings do not lose in value and even after several decades can bring 200% of income.

According to the artist’s grandson, which he shared, “Woman Sitting by the Window” could become a record price and its value exceeds the value of paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, “Savior of the World”, which is estimated at $ 450 million. In addition some experts believe that one day a painting by Picasso collectors will be ready to give a billion dollars.

However, the source argues that this picture at the May auction will not beat the price record. As the reasons he called the predominance of cold geometry and the lack of erotic impulses.