Ancient predator. Scientists have discovered a new kind of dinosaur.

Ancient predator. Scientists have discovered a new kind of dinosaur.

The Tralcazaurus was of the same genus as the Tyrannosaurus, but was much smaller than its relative.
Not far from the town of Villa el Chocón in Argentinean Patagonia, the remains of a dinosaur species previously unknown to science, which lived in the region about 90 million years ago, were discovered. This is reported by the Agency for Scientific Disclosure of the National University de la Matanza in Buenos Aires.

The dinosaur was called Tralkasaurus cuyi. The name is translated from the Mapuche language as “thunder reptile” and the prefix “cuyi” is given after the department of El Cui, where the remains were found.

Scientists say that Tralkazavr was a member of the Abelizavr predatory family, was a carnivore and fed on small species of herbivorous dinosaurs. Like its famous congener, the Tyrannosaurus had a short neck, a muscular body, short arms, light and hollow bones of limbs, and hind legs with four claws.

Scientists note that the tralocalcaurus was much smaller than its congeners. It was about four meters long, while other abelisavers were seven meters long, and the largest Tyrannosaurus reached as much as 14 meters.

Experts say: research shows that the abelisaurs occupied a much wider ecological niche than previously thought.

In early February, scientists discovered a new type of tyrannosaurus it was called the “reaper of death”.

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