Anonymous hackers intend to attack Elon Musk for his influence on bitcoin

The Anonymous group of hackers intends to attack the general manager of Tesla company Elon Musk. The reason for this initiative is the billionaire’s influence on bitcoin, one of his messages on the social network Twitter led to the fall of this electronic currency.

The hackers sent a “black mark” to the founder of SenseX and Tesla Ilon Musk, the video was published on Youtube channel Anonymous, which has about 125 thousand subscribers. In the video the authors of the message list the misdeeds of Musk in the Internet, marked his “endless tweets”, which have a negative impact on the cryptocurrency market. Along with this, no specific requirements for the billionaire were voiced.

Musk expressed his opinion on bitcoin by posting a message on his Twitter account on May 13. Its text states that Tesla temporarily suspends acceptance of bitcoin because of the “non-environmental way of obtaining it”. The hackers’ displeasure is caused by the fact that the head of Tesla is too tightly controlling the cryptocurrency market. His frivolous attitude to such business causes grave consequences for millions of retail investors, who operate with small amounts of money.

The authors of the video emphasized in the message that the billionaire has no idea what the struggle for survival is. For most of the “working world,” Elon Musk’s public statements are dangerous because they negatively affect the dreams of hardworking people, and his tweet shows a clear disregard for the “working man.