Another monolith of unknown origin was found in Turkey

Residents of Turkey’s Shanliurfa province discovered a metal stele of unknown origin near the mysterious Gobekli Tepe Temple Complex. Anadolu news agency reported about it on its Instagram page.

The stele is made of light-colored material, its height is 3 meters, and its width is 45 cm. The inscription on it reads: “If you want to see the moon, look at the sky. The site of the object was cordoned off by the police.

Similar steles were noticed earlier in Europe and the USA. So, in the autumn of 2020 in the American state of Utah a mysterious monolith was found by pilots.

The pilots suggested that perhaps the strange object belonged to NASA or it was made by an artist of the “new wave of art”, who could be a fan of the movie “A Space Odyssey”. The object disappeared a few days after being discovered.